Cafe sketch- Curious Palette

Curious Palette is one of the spacious cafes you can find in town. A good place to hang out with friends. My favour is the cold brew- White Magic.

Curious Palette


Former Eng Aun Tong Factory

Built in the mid-1920s on 89 Neil Road by the Aw brothers who concocted the world-famous Tiger Balm, this building’s name means Hall of Everlasting Peace. Originally from Myanmar (then Burma), the Aws, who were also known as the Haw Par brothers, used the building as a factory to produce the ointment for the next 50 years. Its design is said to be neoclassical because of the hybrid of design styles seen in its columns, cornices and arches. Some observers claimed that the hexagonal pavilion at the top of the building was a reference to the shape of the glass bottle that Tiger Balm was sold in. However, this has never been proven.

89 Neil Road.jpeg