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International Urban Sketchers Symposium Manchester 27th- 30th July 2016 Part 1

This is my officially first attend of International Urban Sketchers Symposium. I was one of the working committee of the International Symposium in Singapore last year. It was wonderful experiences to be in the committee, which gave me a crash course on how the Symposium works and a great chance to know the International facilitators.

I arrived on the 25th July and check in a small room next to Manchester Cathedral.

26th July

Went to sketch behind where I stayed and realised how cold the weather could be in the UK. Need to wear a glove to keep my hands warm in order to sketch I guess.

Scan 1

That day afternoon, I was walking around Oxford St  and bumped into Parka. We went to a cafe as it started to drizzle and I did the sketch below.


27th July

Went for a tour in the morning and attended the sketchcrawl at Castlefield Canal Basin.


then the opening reception at Manchester Town Hall.

This was done after dinner at Albert Square with the rest of the group from Singapore.

Scan 3

28th July- 30 July

The first workshop that I attended was by Isabel Carmora and Len Grant at Royal Exchange Theatre. Beautiful facade and dome. I learnt to use colour in a different way and with different perspective/ angle of a composition.


And some other pieces from the rest of the workshops.


People and Places: Life in Contrast by Suhita Shirodkar


Activity: The Manchester Journey by Vicente Sardinh


Workshop: How to Plan and Execute a Team Based Sketching Reportage by Marc Holmes


Workshop: Sketching architecture in edges, shapes and volumes by Liz Steel


Using Ink brush from Ed Harker’s demo for the sketch of Handy Crown. We (Tony, Kai Siang, Favian and Parka) had dinner here one of the night. The table was sticky even the server helped us to clean it. Think they can’t be bothered about it.


The India Rubber Works was one of the buildings that I would walk pass from the hotel to the Manchester School of Arts.

Scan 1

31th July

One of my last sketch in Manchester @ Town Council/ Town hall.


I have received a Seawhite cartridge paper sketchbook on the last day of Symposium and had done over 20 sketches right after the Symposium. You can find them on the 2nd part of the write up of the Symposium.