The GlassHouse at Chijmes

This is a hipster hang out place. I like the selection of types of furniture and the coffee.  The open concept with natural light and lots of plants. Just wondering what wrong with the crowd. At one time more than a dozen people came in, only 4 made the order, while the rest standing there and talk. Then, a small size lady came in with 3 friends. She was talking and laughing so loud that we couldn’t stop staring at her from a distance, and 2 of her friends just keep on entertaining her. A while later, a lady sitting behind me waved to her friend and chatted about her new job etc. Not sure was it because of the ambience that the crowd became so pretentious. I just need a cup of good coffee and do my sketch.

Glass House 1


My Awesome Cafe

My second time at this cafe. The last time I came here was about 3 years ago. The previous experience was alright. However, I wasn’t really enjoyed myself this time around. Firstly, I was pushed from behind by one of the staff just right after I settled down on the high chair. Then, the staff pushed me again when he was putting the cutleries on the table. It was so obvious, that my friend who was sitting opposite was staring at him. I was shocked by the behaviour of him. I had to sit upright throughout the whole cafe sketching session.

My Awesome Cafe