Urban Sketchers at Maris Stella High School

The Urban Sketchers Singapore was invited to do a live demonstration at Maris Stella High School (Primary Level) for their art week. We sketched around the school compound. Zaihan gave an introduction talk of Urban Sketchers and Ignatius did a Live demo of ‘Guan Dao’ at the school hall.

Jiak Chuan Road

Did this sketch with friends from Urban Sketchers, after the opening of Sketches of “Da Po” Exhibition. Exhibition till 15 May.


Jiak Chuan Road

Jiak Chuan Road was named after Tan Jiak Chuan (陈若铨, 1858-1909), grandson of philanthropist Tan Kim Seng (also see Kim Seng Road) and cousin of Tan Jiak Kim (also see Jiak Kim Street). He was also the only son of Tan Beng Gum, the former President of the Chinese Temple association at Malacca.

Described as a quite gentleman, Tan Jiak Chuan duly ran the business of mining firm Kim Seng & Co, allowing his cousin Tan Jiak Kim to concentrate on public affairs. In 1908, after his return from Malacca, Tan Jiak Chuan fell ill and suffered from hyperpyrexia. He died shortly after that, and left behind various funds for the Raffles Institution, Chinese Free School and Tan Tock Seng Hospital. He was buried at the Tan family burial ground at Alexandra Road.