Former Yan Kit Swimming Complex

September Sketchwalk

Yan Kit Swimming Complex is located along Yan Kit Road at Tanjong Pagar area. It opened in 1952 and was the second public swimming pool in Singapore. The complex, owned by Singapore Sports Council (SSC), was closed in 2001 after a spike in maintenance fees due to a dramatic decline in the attendance of swimmers.

In November 2011, the demolition of the site commenced and the three pools were levelled.


Malabar Mosque

Malabar Mosque, located at the junction of Victoria Street and Jalan Sultan, was constructed in the 1960s. Managed by the local Malabar Muslim community, the mosque is built in the traditional Islamic mosque architectural style.

The Malabar Mosque is the only mosque in Singapore which is managed totally by the Malabar Muslim community. The Malabar Muslims, originally from Kerala in India, settled down in Singapore from the early 19th century and were mainly traders dealing in textiles and jewellery. In 1927, these immigrants formed an association, the Malabar Muslim Jama’ath, to look into the affairs of their small community.


Kim Choo Joo Chiat Place

Tony and I walked past Kim Choo that day. And decided to sketch their stall front. My parents love their Soon Kueh (Turnip dumplings) and Otah (fish paste with spices wrapped in banana leaves).

They are famous for their  Kim Choo Kueh Chang (Rice dumpling). My favourite is Nyonya Dumpling, which has a distinctive sweet and savoury taste from the diced winter melon and meat in the filling.


Aliwal Arts Centre

Joined the event- Sketches Alight: Rebooted organised by An Artful Dose ( It was a fun day turning own sketch to a lantern. I did a sketch of the venue, Aliwal Arts Centre.

“Aliwal Arts Centre is a multidisciplinary arts centre with a strong focus on performing arts located at the former Chong Cheng and Chong Pun Schools at 28 Aliwal Street within the Kampong Glam conservation district. It offers a conducive environment to support the artistic development of both contemporary and traditional arts groups, drawing inspiration from the rich cultural heritage in the area.”

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Palmer House

Parts of heritage site Palmer House to be cleared for MRT

“The news that Palmer House in Singapore may be partially or wholly destroyed to build a MTR station is worrying. The former YMCA Metropolitan building, originally built in 1954, was sold in the late 1990s and renamed Palmer House. It is an excellent example of Streamline Moderne, a minimalistic architectural style that abandoned the sometimes lavish and ostentatious decoration of the Art Deco movement in favour of simple, functional lines. Streamline Moderne is one of Singapore’s remaining architectural styles and perhaps the best Asian city for this type of architecture, any serious stroll around the city will see examples of it (though some have been destroyed). It is very important that Singapore recognises that heritage and keep it and not just deride it as post-war and not historic….”


Wheeler’s Yard

I almost want to throw this sketch away. Kinda like it now.

“Step into the world of Wheeler’s Yard, where bicycles, coffee, food and all things vintage meet. Located right along the Whampoa park connector, a hidden cafe cum bicycle workshop awaits your discovery.

Whether it’s cycling down for a hearty meal with a group of friends or spending an afternoon reading a book while sipping on a warm cup of coffee, one can easily find a reason to visit Wheeler’s Yard.

Housed within a massive industrial warehouse, the luxury of space here allows everyone to break away from feeling claustrophobic and slow down their pace while soaking up the atmosphere.”


Another sketch that I did previously.