Ang Siang Road

It was the 2nd day of the Lunar New Year. I followed few sketchers to sketch around Ang Siang Road. There was a stretch of old houses across the road. A very quiet afternoon as it was a public holiday.Ang Siang Road 1.jpeg


Chan Chor Min Tong

I attended the open house of the Chan Chor Min Tong during the Lunar New Year. It is the only occasion during which the red doors are opened for visitors. This allows its beneficiaries, supporters and members of the public an opportunity to pay their respects to the hall’s deities and its elders.

Chan Chor Min is a Buddhist women’s vegetarian hall or zhaitang. Named after its founder, it was the sister lodge to article’s main subject. It is located at No. 3 Bassein Road. A men’s zhaitang at Jalan Kemaman, which shared the same founder and also the same name.

The one that I sketched was established in 1936. This came ten years after the hall at Jalan Kemaman was founded. While the latter provided lodging to men who might otherwise have to live their twilight years on their own, the Bassein Road hall catered to unattached women.  Both zhaitang have since ceased operating as places of lodging, and are today maintained by their trustees as religious halls.

Chan Chor Min Tong

My Awesome Cafe

My second time at this cafe. The last time I came here was about 3 years ago. The previous experience was alright. However, I wasn’t really enjoyed myself this time around. Firstly, I was pushed from behind by one of the staff just right after I settled down on the high chair. Then, the staff pushed me again when he was putting the cutleries on the table. It was so obvious, that my friend who was sitting opposite was staring at him. I was shocked by the behaviour of him. I had to sit upright throughout the whole cafe sketching session.

My Awesome Cafe