Holy Trinity Church

Built with Chinese-style green tiled roofs and decorative elements, the church was designed by Ho Kwong Yew (d. 1942) in a vernacular Art Deco style intended to make it easier for locals to relate to the building. A versatile architect, Ho was also the designer of the futuristic Art Deco house of Aw Boon Par at Tiger Balm Gardens (now Haw Par Villa). Unlike most churches, the altar and nave (where the services are held) were located on the second level. The ground floor housed an assembly area with a stage, which served as a kindergarten from 1953 until the 1970s. A new five-storey Annex Building behind the original hall was completed and dedicated by the Most Rev. Dr. John Chew, Bishop of the Angli- can Diocese of Singapore, on 24 July 2011 during the Church’s 70th Anniversary Service.